Short Term Health

Temporary Medical plans are available for a specified period of days (30-90) or on a month-by-month basis from 1 to 3 months.  Plans pay a percentage (50%, 70%, 80% etc.) of covered charges after you meet your deductible (choices include $250, $500, $1000, $1500 and $2500).  There are generally no office visit copayments or prescription drug cards.  Prescriptions are covered at the coinsurance percentage (generally 70% to 80%) following your deductible.  WARNING — these plans do not cover preventive services, maternity, or pre-existing conditions in most cases. Please read the brochures carefully before deciding if these plans are right for you.  Call us with your questions!

IHC Short Term Medical Plans

Providing short-term coverage for those under age 65.  Quotes are available for single or monthly paid policies, with a discount for the single payment.  However, if your need for medical insurance ends, there are no refunds available on these plans, so if you’re not sure of the end date you need (up to 3 months), we recommend a monthly benefit. 

IHC offers two plans, “Secure Lite” (Maximum benefit of $750,000) and “Secure STM” (Maximum benefit of $2,000,000).  Other plan differences include a $25 maximum benefit on physician office visits, up to 4 visits per coverage period, on the Secure Lite plan, while Secure STM does not have a $25 maximum.  See proposals for more details.







You may pay with a credit card for any of these plans.  Applications may be faxed to our office at 831-335-5883 or mailed to us at the address below.

Rates are based on your age and where you live.  Policies may be effective the day following your postmark or fax of the completed form.  Maternity and pre-existing conditions are not covered, and you must be reasonably healthy to purchase the plans.  Coverage is not offered if you have an occupation involving unusual hazards.

Call the office for further information, please!

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